Things That Make You Feel Like The Best Person On Earth

Letting the wind blow through your hair and not caring about whether or not it gets messed up. It may be harder to give up your worry about unruly, windswept hair if you like to keep yours long, but when I walked to my neighborhood park I kept my head up and reveled in the way my hair fluttered against my forehead and temples. There is something utterly freeing about keeping your hands by your sides and just letting the wind play in your carefully quaffed locks. And if you imagine yourself as some windblown traveler cresting a grassy hill at sunrise, it feels pretty damn great.

Belting the lyrics to a song when you’re outside, and no one is around. Here are some instructions for you. When it is mid-afternoon, and most people are at work or school, if you can, go outside to your closest park. While you head that way, turn on your iPod or other personal music player and pick a song with raw, loud notes. (Personal preference from today is “Babel” by Mumford & Sons.) Then, even if there are joggers on the street or cars rolling past, turn your face up to the sky and sing as loud as possible. Bonus feelings of awesome if you dance around like you’re in a music video.

Sitting at the top of a slide and looking around slowly. I know it sounds weird, but go with me on this one. Think about it. You’re at the top of a slide, your legs folded just right, and the whole street curves out in front of you like a gray river. Then, like some quiet sentinel, you gaze out over your domain and sweep your eyes from left to right, taking in each and every piece of your surroundings. I can practically hear the crows cawing in the distance, and they sound amazing.

Reading a piece of fiery writing. Is there a certain topic you’re passionate about or want to be? Politics, the environment, technology, feminism. There are so many great books, magazines, and articles out there meant to stoke the fire in you and move you to action. And what feels better than feeling moved to do something amazing? My suggestion is that you go out and look for those selections of writing and let the author’s words seep into your core until you simply cannot stay idle.

Wearing something that makes you feel great. Is there a certain way you do your makeup that makes you feel fierce? Do you have a pair of boots that intensify your strut? What about a jacket that looks good and feels great? Put on something you love and admire yourself in the mirror. You look awesome and now you can go out and show it.


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